A huge thanks to the volunteers!

Wow, its hard to imagine that these last few months have flown by so quickly, but we have recently completed ALL GOLD SCOUT GOLD AWARD SESSIONS! Don’t forget to come over to my house (955 Old Place Dr.) to pick up some sweets, Senior-Youth Interaction Initiative T-shirts, and result analysis of our three sessions. This entire project would have been impossible without every single one of you! I love all my supporters and helpers of the project; just remember the memories and the difference you have made in the community through this Girl Scout Gold Award Journey, I hope you never forget your contribution to the North Fulton communities! Don’t forget, though this the end of the project collaboration effort, the Senior’Youth Interaction Program is NOT over. We ned your help over the summer to keep the spirit of age segregation alive (don’t forget the pledges)!


Rida Naeem

P.S. for further information regarding the project contact me or send an email to MiltonMIST, we will be happy to sort through your volunteer hours.


Latest of Girl Scout Gold Award

Hey guys! We just finished our second session of the Senior-Youth Interaction Initiative, I am so glad we had an amazing turnout of both seniors and youth volunteers. Make sure to send in your feedback results along with the surveys so we can keep an account of these sessions for future analysis. Thanks again, you guys are awesome!!Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 10.10.20 PM.png

Be the Change

unnamed-1As Mahatma Ghandi once said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”. With Trump’s Muslim immigrant ban now legalized, more have begun to revolt and taking a stand for what they believe is right. More and more people are becoming the change by participating in nonviolent protests and attempting to change this unconstitutional ban. According to gpbnews, wsbtvnews, and several other sources, in Atlanta’s very own Hartsfield International Airport, thousands of protesters rallied outside the Domestic terminal to oppose his ban.  Attending these protests can and will inspire others to speak up. Nothing but a simple sign and a chant can resonate with those who listen. No protests would start if no one spoke up, and anyone can speak up so why not you?

Muslim woman are beautiful

Beauty standards are one thing that never go away. And for a Muslim woman, her hijab can be an object of insecurity, unnecessary hate and emotional stress. The hijab is often viewed as something that dims your beauty rather than enhances it. It is associated with many awful things and this can affect a woman’s self-esteem. The hijab should be as something beautiful, not ugly. It should make you feel beautiful, because you look beautiful in it. This opinion isn’t well-adopted in our society, but that might change soon. Nura Afia can help us change it. Nura Afia is a youtube, beauty-blogger. She has recently landed a contract with CoverGirl, a well-known beauty brand. Nura is the first ever hijabi CoverGirl ambassador. She now represents beauty to millions of people all while wrapping a hijab around her head. She stands proud of her Muslim identity and has received positive media.

Nura Afia is truly an inspiration to all Muslim women. To all the Muslim women out there, your hijab isn’t something to be insecure about. It doesn’t make you look ugly but shows your Muslim identity, and you should own that with pride.  Don’t ever let anybody else tell you otherwise.

The Beauty of Imperfection: Wabi-Sabi

In the 21st century, physical beauty is high valued. Whether your look at magazines, television commercials, or social media, the praise of physical beauty and perfect can be found. Even when watch the Olympics, it is evident that only the performances that are very close to perfect are valued and awarded.

The Western ideal of beauty usually salutes things that are perfect, pretty, lasting, or spectacular.

However, in Japan, the concept of “Wabi-sabi” is gaining popularity. This concept is a refreshing view on the idea what is considered “beautiful” or “flawless”.

[Wabi-sabi] is a beauty of all things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. It is the beauty of things modest and humble. It is the beauty of things unconventional.

Ironically, Wabi-sabi finds beauty in things that are normally considered “imperfect” or “aged”. This idea stems from Taoism and Zen Buddhism and is actually followed by the majority of people without them even knowing. Think about that one old rocking chair that you haven’t given away yet because of the rich history that it holds. What about the woman with cancer who has no hair but still finds positivity in her life? The list goes on and on. All of these things are beautiful but do not fit the definition of perfection.

If our society implemented the concept of Wabi-sabi, we would most likely decrease the growing body-image epidemic. Through Wabi-sabi, people will be able to find the beauty in their “imperfect body types” and focus more on the inside instead of their outside appearance.

An experience of beauty can also usher us into an amplified appreciation of the divine presence, that “something more” in our existence. Yes, God’s handiwork is evident in the glorious vistas of nature and the beautiful people and things that literally take our breath away. But God is also evident in and through the imperfect, the humble, the modest, and the unconventional. Indeed, these things may be the most accessible samples of divine grace.

For more information, visit http://www.spiritualityandpractice.com/practices/features/view/18360

Just Add Henna

In a society where many minority groups are being degraded and underrepresented, it is very important to keep our culture vibrant and alive. One of the many ways to represent your beliefs and culture beautifully is through http://www.justaddhenna.weebly.com. Justaddhenna is dedicated to representing your culture artistically through candles, henna, artwork, etc. Justaddhenna not only sells pre-made items, but can also create custom items to personalize your decorative piece. Artwork is a great way to