MIST Meeting!!!

To make team banners, flags, and other creative items for the Team Spirit competition at MIST, we will be having a MIST meeting. We have planned to meet at RCM, this Saturday, February 18, from 1 PM to 4 PM.
We were originally going to provide free refreshments for members, but due to financial constraints we have decided to have a fundraiser instead. 
If we are unable to raise the money needed to fully cover all the cost of the uniforms, hotel and the carpool we will have no choice but to put-in place a mandatory fee. So lets raise enough money to avoid this chaos!
As previously decided uniforms will be distributed at this meeting!
PLEASE NOTE: This meeting is mandatory for all Milton MIST competitors
The following contracts and forms will be collected:
(Please have them printed out so we can have hard copies)
  1. MIST Permission Form (Mandatory for ALL Competitors)
  2. Honor Code Contract (Mandatory for ALL Competitors)
  3. Carpool Contract (Mandatory to take part in 3-Day Carpooling)
If anyone has questions, please come Saturday and ask them!

MIST Meeting!!

We have meeting this Saturday at ICNF at 2:00 pm. The address is 1265 Rucker Road, Alpharetta, GA, 30009. We will discuss MIST questions, meet our coaches (we have several new ones), and discuss the uniform and split from Uplift for those who cannot make tomorrow’s meeting. We also will be holding auditions for our short film team, and I will specify the roles below. Refreshments will be provided. We encourage members to bring their families as our MIST team is a community.
We need the following roles in our short film:
– 1 young girl (someone’s younger sister- we need someone about 6-8 years old- no speaking part)
– 1 girl to play the lead role
– 1 girl to play the lead role’s deceased best friend
– 1 boy to play the lead role’s brother
– 1 girl to play the younger girl’s older sister\
Thanks for being a part of the Milton MIST team. I am happy to announce that Milton has broken the MIST record for the largest team from a single school this year! We have 32 competitors! I hope to see you all this Friday and Saturday!

MIST Updates!!

There are 3 important updates:

Firstly, we are having a MIST team meeting/fundraiser tomorrowJanuary 14, from 2 PM to 4 PM at the Menchie’s on Windward Parkway. The address is 12850 GA-9 #700 Alpharetta 30004. Please come as we will be discussing everything about MIST and you will have a chance to meet the team and the coaches. I’m excited to announce that so far our team has 27 competitors this year- a record-breaking number for Milton. 

Second, I hope everyone knows that the venue for this year is UGA. Because of that, we are splitting up into two teams when it comes to our approach to transportation. One group will stay at a hotel in Athens overnight (for which competitors will have to pay a small fee) while the other team will commute back and forth to the venue daily. Please contact Muzammil Motiwala if you are interested in staying overnight at a hotel or want more information- you can contact him at muzzammilali@hotmail.com. If you are interested in carpooling to and from the venue daily, please text me at 470-330-5049 with your full name so I can add you to my list. Please note that carpool seats are first come first serve. In the possibility that we cannot fit all the interested carpoolers, the ones that contacted me first will be in the carpool. Also please note that anyone choosing the hotel option must pay their fees by the deadline Muzammil sets and that competitors staying overnight should still have transportation from the hotel to UGA and so forth. 

The last piece of information is regarding the prices of MIST. Competitors who pay before the January 22 early registration deadline will only have to pay $50 to compete, whereas competitors who do not meet that deadline will have to pay $60. 

If you have any questions about MIST, please check out our website or email miltonmsa15@gmail.com with the subject “MIST Question”

MIST Updates!!


Frozen yogurt social THIS SATURDAY

We are happy to announce that this Saturday, January 14, we will be having a fundraiser and MIST meeting at the Menchie’s on Windward Parkway. We will be meeting from 2PM to 4 PM, so please come if you are available! Feel free to bring your families as well.

The address is 12850 GA-9 #700, Alpharetta, GA 30004

Website and Rulebook

Your two biggest resources when it comes to everything MIST-related are the Milton MSA website and the MIST Atlanta website. On our MSA’s website, you can find all information about MIST as well as videos that I made explaining each and every competition in detail with all rules (only the new competitions- Culinary Arts and Mobile Apps are not included). The Milton MSA website can be found at http://miltonmsa.wixsite.com/site/mist. Please take a look at it because our treasurer worked very hard on uploading everything for the ease of MSA members.

Another important resource is the rulebook. This has all of the rules for each competition, and sometimes a few tricks are put in there as well. You can find it at http://www.mistatlanta.com/rulebook/ .

Registration and Pricing

All competitors who register before the early registration deadline only have to pay $50 to compete in MIST. Anyone who does not pay by the deadline for early registration must pay $60 in order to compete. You can find all important dates and deadlines below.

Some members have been having trouble navigating the online registration portal, and some people are having difficulty accepting their invitation to join the team. If that is the case, please bring your registration dues of $50 in cash or check form to our meeting Saturday. Shaista Auntie, our coach, will directly help you register as she can add you to the team.

For our new members, here’s a tip of advice from the coach and myself: please register for two competitions at least. If you cannot think of another competition, try something new. Maybe you’ll find a hidden talent!

Please note that all competitions are first come, first serve. In order to be fair to all competitors, do not try and ask me to change team registration so you can compete in a competition that is full. If you have any doubts about whether any competition is full or not, please feel free to email me at girlmz@hotmail.com

Dates and Deadlines

The MIST important dates and deadlines are below:

  • Early Registration Deadline: January 22, 2017
  • Late Registration Deadline: February 19, 2017
  • Early Submissions: February 26, 2017
  • Tournament Dates: March 17-19, 2017

Please be sure to check and see if your competitions require early submissions. Please note that some competitions have even earlier submission deadlines.

Where to go and how to go?

The venue this year for MIST is the University of Georgia in Athens, GA. We have been getting a lot of questions regarding whether our team will carpool or not. Inshallah, we have worked with a hotel to provide accommodations for those who wish to do so, but this will cost each competitor $25. We will be giving more information at the meeting on Saturday.

If you don’t wish to stay overnight, we will be having a carpool system for those interested. Please note that the amount of seats offered in carpooling will be limited and will be first come, first serve. Please approach me directly at the meeting Saturday so I can add you to the list. One week before the competition, I will email everyone confirming whether you have a seat in the carpool or not.

Calling all members!

This year, our team is seeing a record amount of competitors. Therefore, we need an additional coach, preferably one that is male. If your father or brothers are 21 years old or older, they are eligible to be our male coach! Please contact me at girlmz@hotmail.com so I can let the other coaches know. We appreciate everyone’s help.


MIST Season Has Begun!!!

It’s a new year, and you know what that means- MIST Season has officially begun! If you have not already received an email inviting you to join the MIST team and you are interested, please email girlmz@hotmail.com with your full name and the email you prefer we contact you at. A separate emailing list will be created with everyone that is interested so that we can effectively communicate.
Don’t know what MIST is? Want more information about all the different competitions? Check out our YouTube channel to see videos I created to try and help eliminate any doubts or concerns you may have. These videos also will be uploaded onto our website soon, so be sure to check them out/
The MIST registration portal will ask you for a school code if you are a new competitor. That code is ” azofy eschew “. If that code doesn’t work, please reply to this email so that I can get the new code, as sometimes the codes will reset at the beginning of each year. All competitions at MIST are first-come, first-serve, and some have early submission deadlines. Be sure to check out the MIST Rulebook at
This year, MIST Atlanta is offering two exciting new competitions: Culinary Arts and Mobile Apps. Please make sure to check them out and sign up if you are interested!
We are planning on a carpool to go as a team to the tournament at UGA this year. Please reply to this email with the name and telephone number of your parents (or yourself) if they are interested in helping us out.
The official dates for the MIST Atlanta 2017 tournament are March 17-19, and prices have changed. Competitors now have to pay $50 for registration, coaches must pay $20, and all guests must pay $25 for a full weekend pass or $10 for a single day pass. The tournament is taking place at the University of Georgia so that is why we are trying to get a strong carpool system this year. Please try and help us out by telling us about interested adults or yourselves (if you can legally drive passengers after the six months of getting your licence). We also are planning a Menchi’s Night as the first of our fundraisers for MIST this year, and so please come to the Menchi’s at Windward on January 14th! More details to come soon!


“It doesn’t matter if you didn’t wear the Hijab or you didn’t pray. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t have a beard and you never fasted. It doesn’t matter if you had relationships and you disobeyed. It doesn’t matter if you partied, drank, engaged in sex and had a heavy addiction to porn. 

What matters is now. What matters is the present. What matters is you right now. Never give up. Never lose hope. Never despair. Never feel like you can’t be forgiven. If you filled the oceans with sins and you dropped a tear, Allah would forgive you. Your Lord is the One who forgave a mass murder who killed a 100 men. Your Lord is the One who pardoned a prostitute. He transformed alcoholics in to awliyah and turned sinners into saints over the period of a day and night due to a sincere tear.”

Shaykh Mohammad Aslam


Finding perfections doesn’t always mean that it has to physical perfections like nature or scenery. We should always try to strive for the perfection of Islam. And making mistakes is apart of that. Going astray, losing faith, and feeling lost are all tests from Allah(swt) to determine how we will deal with our deeds. Will we continue down the wrong path or will we lift ourselves up? Realizing your mistakes helps you complete your deen. Being the best version of yourself is perfection in the eyes of Allah(swt).