Prayer in School

We Muslim Miltoneers have recently noticed that several children are making up Zuhr (afternoon prayer) at home. Although the season for making up Zuhr at home is almost over, we felt that we should establish a designated location in which students can go to pray. We have spoken to Principal Jones about the matter. We told him about how Zuhr prayer occurred during school hours in the fall and winter season because of the daylight savings time change; we informed him that students were skipping prayer and making it up at home because they did not have a place to pray at school.

Principal Jones agreed readily to designate a location for Muslim students to pray. As we walked through the school looking for a suitable location, Jones pointed out the empty hallway at the front of the school. It had doors to close off the hallway and the inside was completely deserted and unused. It was perfect. We decided to move in a few prayer rugs and set them up in the direction of the holy Kabah (Qibla).

Now the only problem was when the students would be able to pray. They certainly couldn’t miss class, but flex was 30 minutes for students to do whatever they liked. They could go and pray during this free time. Jones agreed that it was the best time of day and it also fell into the prayer time. He has promised to provide all students who ask for a pass to leave during flex to go pray Zuhr. When Jones inquired about how long prayer takes, we told him that it varies from person to person and can take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes.

So Jones has allowed students to leave for the entire flex period to go pray, which is very generous of him. Students may return early if they wish to complete other assignments or school work. Please, fellow students, we are asking you to uphold our Islamic beliefs and use this prayer pass wisely. Please do not abuse this pass or it will get taken away. 

Alhamdulillah, we have finally established a location to pray. The days of making up missed prayers are over. And inshallah, very soon, we will be establishing a Jummah prayer that we will all be able to pray together. 

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