How to Wake Up for Fajr

How to Wake Up for Fajr

This wonderful infograph created by Productive Muslim provides excellent tips for waking up for Fajr every morning. As teenagers in high school, most of our nights are filled with procrastination and then rapid cramming for homework assignments and exams. We just get distracted so easily.

With so many distractions and assignments, we often lose our focus on the things that matter. When we finally roll into bed around 1 AM, our eyes feel like lead weights. And when the alarm clock rings at Fajr time, we hit the snooze and let the prayer time slip away.

Fajr is one of the 5 prayers and it is important that we spend 5 minutes of our day for This infograph provides some excellent tips for how to wake up for Fajr. You can click through the picture or read the article where the inspiration for the doodle came from.

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