The Strangers Project

The Strangers Project

From the Strangers Project website, “The Strangers Project is a collection of anonymous stories written as ‘journal entries’ on the spot by passing strangers. I ask people to write about anything they want—as long as it’s true. The result is mosaic of stories from the lives happening around us at every moment. These are our friends, our families, and people we’ve never spoken to. Every moment billions of stories are unfolding—this is a glimpse into some of those things we may normally not notice. These are our lives.”

One of the more recent stories was by a Muslim girl.

Transcribed: “I am 16 years old, American, Muslim, Pakistani parents, cover my hair. Sometimes people ask me if I have hair, or if I “shower with that on,” or if my dad can see my hair. Sometimes I am a poster child even if I didn’t sign up for it. Sometimes when I go to the airport they pat me down, and sometimes it makes me cry. It’s okay though, part of the job description. Muslims are the new gays who are the new blacks who are the new Irish who are the new Italians who are the new women who are the new slaves. 16 year old girls have been brought to tears for generations for hundreds of years by some guy who thinks he’s real tough. They all come out stronger in the end. I want to be stronger too.

And no, I don’t shower with it on. Obvi-duh.

P.S. Stop staring at the girl at the grocery store who covers her hair. Say hi instead. Her life is a series of awkward moments as it is. Awkward moments, and too many clothes.”

The Strangers Project is a very interesting website to visit and the stories vary greatly. Click through this picture to visit their site for more anonymous stories.


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