Youth Interfaith Park Cleanup Event on Feb. 1st

There is a volunteer opurtunity at RCM coming up on February 1st. If anyone would like to volunteer, please sign up with the registration link below! Here is a description of what will be going on:

Last semester, an interfaith group from the Rabun Gap Boarding School visited RCM. A group of our youth met with them for an unforgettable day of activities, games and discussion. The Rabun Gap Youth are a group of extremely kind, open and dedicated people. This was one of our most popular and fun events of last semester and the Rabun Gap Group has requested another visit.

This time, we will be meeting at a local park for a park cleanup event hosted by Park Pride. On Feb. 1st, we plan to meet at Masjid Hamzah at 11:00pm to carpool to the park. There, we will meet the Rabun Gap Interfaith Group and a representative from Park pride. We will then work on cleaning up the park (planting trees, removing weeds, etc) until about 3pm. After that, we will head somewhere local for lunch and discussion and we expect to be back at Masjid Hamzah around 5 inshAllah. Please register for this event so we know you are coming. We would also greatly appreciate it if there were no last minute cancelations. We must cap registration at 15 people so please register soon!

Registration Link:

Roswell Community Masjid’s Contact Info:

345 Market Place
Roswell, GA 30075


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