NYC Schools to Get Islamic, Lunar Holidays Off

Every year when Eid comes around, Muslims go to celebrate and honor their faith with family and friends. However, one big problem for young Muslims all around is school. Skipping school for a religious holiday is valid as an excused absence, yes, but missing all  the material and having to make it up is rather tedious. But now, people are taking action to remedy this situation. In New York City, the progressive new mayor Bill de Blasio has declared that public schools will closed for Muslim holidays Eid-al-Fitr and EId-al-Adha, as well as the Chinese New Year. 

bill-de-blasio (1)

“A child has an exam on a day that is one of the Eid holidays. They are either respecting their religious obligation or they are doing what their education requires them – but they can’t do both under our current system,” de Blasio said earlier in his campaign. He has now made good on his word by adding the holidays to the school calendar. 

“The NYC Muslim community looks forward to finally having the Eid holidays recognized in our public schools. It will be gratifying to know that Muslim children will soon no longer have to choose between honoring and celebrating their faith or missing class,” stated CAIR-NY Executive Board Member Zead Ramadan in a press release Wednesday.

The Muslim holidays being honored and respected is something that Muslims have been trying to achieve for a while. This is the first step. Hopefully this great idea will spread from New York City further down south, and all around to schools everywhere! Read more by clicking on this link:

NYC Schools to Get Islamic, Lunar Holidays Off


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