Generosity in Islam

Humans, naturally, have a sense of morality. One of the most important ideals of Islam is generosity. Generosity was one of the best qualities of the prophet. He was mostly generous during the month of Ramadaan. One day the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) offered the prayer in the mosque and then hurriedly went to his house and returned immediately. A companion asked why he left and he replied,
“I left a piece of gold at home which was given for charity and I disliked letting it remain a night in my house, so I bought it to the mosque to distribute.” (Saheeh Al-Bukhari)
Whenever Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) met a person who was angry, he advised him to be more generous and charitable. Ibn `Abbas said that he heard Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) say, “The believer is not the one who eats when his neighbor beside him is hungry, the believer is simple and generous, but the wicked person is deceitful and ignoble.”

One of Allah(SWT) names is Al- Kareem, meaning the Most Generous. Every Muslim believes that everything comes from Him and everything will return to Him. We human possess a loan that Allah (SWT) has given us, something we must preserve, protect and share.

Islam encourages generosity a lot, as it is one of the five pillars of Islam, the charity known as Zakaat. In Arabic, the term zakaat literally means purification of the heart. It is also the payment of an mandatory charity to provide for all the needy members of the community. It is a fixed amount, provided in the Qur’an.There is also another form of generosity in Islam called sadaqa. Sadaqa means truthfulness, and it is the heart being truthful to Allah (SWT). Anything given generously, freely to others, with the intention of pleasing God is sadaqa. Sadaqa can be as simple as a smile, helping someone cross the street, or even picking up a bottle littered on the ground.
Allah (SWT) is the One who provides for us and He expects us to share generously. We are encouraged to be generous with our possessions, time and behavior towards others.


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