Escape the Room Party!!!

UpLift Muslim Youth is hosting an Escape the Room party on October 22, 2016 from 5:40 PM-7:20 PM. All of the MSA’s in the surrounding areas will be competing in a “Battle of the MSA” style competition- but participants are free to compete alone as well. Full details are on our Instagram-however the link to pay has changed and is located below. If you wish to go and Rep the M at this event, please DM us on Instagram @miltonmsa. If you don’t have an Instagram, feel free to email us with the subject “Escape the Room”. Seats are first come, first serve, and team sizes are limited. Tickets are $22, and you can buy them at Please be sure to select the first option, as the second option is a full year’s worth of tuition for a private school(yikes!). Please remember that Uplift Muslim Youth is not managed by Milton High School MIST, and so competitors must follow their rules. All competitors of the Escape the Room must be above the age of 14 years old and must sign a waiver located at the website for paying for tickets.

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