MIST Season Has Begun!!!

It’s a new year, and you know what that means- MIST Season has officially begun! If you have not already received an email inviting you to join the MIST team and you are interested, please email girlmz@hotmail.com with your full name and the email you prefer we contact you at. A separate emailing list will be created with everyone that is interested so that we can effectively communicate.
Don’t know what MIST is? Want more information about all the different competitions? Check out our YouTube channel to see videos I created to try and help eliminate any doubts or concerns you may have. These videos also will be uploaded onto our website soon, so be sure to check them out/
The MIST registration portal will ask you for a school code if you are a new competitor. That code is ” azofy eschew “. If that code doesn’t work, please reply to this email so that I can get the new code, as sometimes the codes will reset at the beginning of each year. All competitions at MIST are first-come, first-serve, and some have early submission deadlines. Be sure to check out the MIST Rulebook at
This year, MIST Atlanta is offering two exciting new competitions: Culinary Arts and Mobile Apps. Please make sure to check them out and sign up if you are interested!
We are planning on a carpool to go as a team to the tournament at UGA this year. Please reply to this email with the name and telephone number of your parents (or yourself) if they are interested in helping us out.
The official dates for the MIST Atlanta 2017 tournament are March 17-19, and prices have changed. Competitors now have to pay $50 for registration, coaches must pay $20, and all guests must pay $25 for a full weekend pass or $10 for a single day pass. The tournament is taking place at the University of Georgia so that is why we are trying to get a strong carpool system this year. Please try and help us out by telling us about interested adults or yourselves (if you can legally drive passengers after the six months of getting your licence). We also are planning a Menchi’s Night as the first of our fundraisers for MIST this year, and so please come to the Menchi’s at Windward on January 14th! More details to come soon!

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