Regarding MIST: Pros and Cons

As you might have known, MIST is a national competition that involves thousands of youth competitors. Despite massive efforts to organize and precariously build a united foundation for the new generation of Muslim, some faults still arise in this tournament. Here’s what we think:


  • Unites a large amount of adolescents under a platform to embrace their religion.
  • Shows Islam as progressive and educational.
  • Promotes healthy competitions in a variety of categories.
  • Social event for youth to look forward to, prepare, and get excited for.
  • Competitive academic environment stabilized and organized by previous competitors at the college level.


  • Food has reportedly been a weakness of the event. Despite efforts to be sponsored by well known brands, it has not lived up to its par.
  • Workshops are borriinngg. Many competitors attempt to skip these and prefer to watch competitive events.
  • Punctuality. The award ceremony always begins late which is unfortunate because Sunday is a school night:(

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