MIST Updates!!


Frozen yogurt social THIS SATURDAY

We are happy to announce that this Saturday, January 14, we will be having a fundraiser and MIST meeting at the Menchie’s on Windward Parkway. We will be meeting from 2PM to 4 PM, so please come if you are available! Feel free to bring your families as well.

The address is 12850 GA-9 #700, Alpharetta, GA 30004

Website and Rulebook

Your two biggest resources when it comes to everything MIST-related are the Milton MSA website and the MIST Atlanta website. On our MSA’s website, you can find all information about MIST as well as videos that I made explaining each and every competition in detail with all rules (only the new competitions- Culinary Arts and Mobile Apps are not included). The Milton MSA website can be found at http://miltonmsa.wixsite.com/site/mist. Please take a look at it because our treasurer worked very hard on uploading everything for the ease of MSA members.

Another important resource is the rulebook. This has all of the rules for each competition, and sometimes a few tricks are put in there as well. You can find it at http://www.mistatlanta.com/rulebook/ .

Registration and Pricing

All competitors who register before the early registration deadline only have to pay $50 to compete in MIST. Anyone who does not pay by the deadline for early registration must pay $60 in order to compete. You can find all important dates and deadlines below.

Some members have been having trouble navigating the online registration portal, and some people are having difficulty accepting their invitation to join the team. If that is the case, please bring your registration dues of $50 in cash or check form to our meeting Saturday. Shaista Auntie, our coach, will directly help you register as she can add you to the team.

For our new members, here’s a tip of advice from the coach and myself: please register for two competitions at least. If you cannot think of another competition, try something new. Maybe you’ll find a hidden talent!

Please note that all competitions are first come, first serve. In order to be fair to all competitors, do not try and ask me to change team registration so you can compete in a competition that is full. If you have any doubts about whether any competition is full or not, please feel free to email me at girlmz@hotmail.com

Dates and Deadlines

The MIST important dates and deadlines are below:

  • Early Registration Deadline: January 22, 2017
  • Late Registration Deadline: February 19, 2017
  • Early Submissions: February 26, 2017
  • Tournament Dates: March 17-19, 2017

Please be sure to check and see if your competitions require early submissions. Please note that some competitions have even earlier submission deadlines.

Where to go and how to go?

The venue this year for MIST is the University of Georgia in Athens, GA. We have been getting a lot of questions regarding whether our team will carpool or not. Inshallah, we have worked with a hotel to provide accommodations for those who wish to do so, but this will cost each competitor $25. We will be giving more information at the meeting on Saturday.

If you don’t wish to stay overnight, we will be having a carpool system for those interested. Please note that the amount of seats offered in carpooling will be limited and will be first come, first serve. Please approach me directly at the meeting Saturday so I can add you to the list. One week before the competition, I will email everyone confirming whether you have a seat in the carpool or not.

Calling all members!

This year, our team is seeing a record amount of competitors. Therefore, we need an additional coach, preferably one that is male. If your father or brothers are 21 years old or older, they are eligible to be our male coach! Please contact me at girlmz@hotmail.com so I can let the other coaches know. We appreciate everyone’s help.


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