MIST Meeting!!!

To make team banners, flags, and other creative items for the Team Spirit competition at MIST, we will be having a MIST meeting. We have planned to meet at RCM, this Saturday, February 18, from 1 PM to 4 PM.
We were originally going to provide free refreshments for members, but due to financial constraints we have decided to have a fundraiser instead. 
If we are unable to raise the money needed to fully cover all the cost of the uniforms, hotel and the carpool we will have no choice but to put-in place a mandatory fee. So lets raise enough money to avoid this chaos!
As previously decided uniforms will be distributed at this meeting!
PLEASE NOTE: This meeting is mandatory for all Milton MIST competitors
The following contracts and forms will be collected:
(Please have them printed out so we can have hard copies)
  1. MIST Permission Form (Mandatory for ALL Competitors)
  2. Honor Code Contract (Mandatory for ALL Competitors)
  3. Carpool Contract (Mandatory to take part in 3-Day Carpooling)
If anyone has questions, please come Saturday and ask them!

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