Positive Inspiration: Run Like a Hijabi

In finding perfection in the imperfect world, it is important to hold on to important values, principles, and the guiding positivity of Muslim role models. Rahaf Khatib is one of them. 

“No I don’t have a fancy career, no I’m not a scholar on Islam and no I can’t even read #Arabic past middle schooler….. That does not undermine my image as an American Muslim and a Covered athlete. I WONT let other people speak on my behalf….my experiences with #hijab is not based on some cultural representation. Its basically my form of Da3wah (Islamic ambassador if you will-spreading of good message). Its my form of attaining good deeds, its my spiritual identity, its my link to Jannah, its my form of modesty. I am the ‘flag bearer” of #Islam. I am a physical representation of my peaceful religion. And  I will proudly carry and display my hijab in this negative political environment with my head held high. We WILL get representation in Fitness/running field if its the last thing I do! “If you don’t make the choice, And you don’t use your voice, Someone else will speak for you instead……show the world who you are”


Muslim, mom, marathoner, triathlete, and the first hijabi women to appear on the cover of a fitness magazine ( Runners’ World October issue), Rahaf Khatib is now planning on running the Boston Marathon to raise money for Syrian refugees.  She has also started a fundraising campaign that sells athletic attire for the same cause.

follow her on Instagram for weekly inspirational quotes and updates here: https://www.instagram.com/runlikeahijabi/

If you would like to buy athletic attire while helping Rahaf, check out her campaign here!


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