Gold Award Project Partnered with Girl Scouts and MSA

The Girl Scout Project addresses the lack of awareness of age-segregation and building isolation among generations in our society, which directly affects the health stability of seniors as well as the social health of the youth. The target audience is seniors and youth members of my community. Intergenerational relation issues, a recognized dilemma by United Nations, expand globally by affecting the economic, social, cultural, political and demographic structures of countries worldwide. The project assisted in increasing cooperation, interaction, exchange between generations, developing communication skills, and supporting strong relationships that benefited seniors, youth, and the community. The goal was to educate at least 50 youth and seniors in my community about age-segregation, involve at least 15 seniors in activities with the youth, involve at least 15 youth participants in activities with the seniors, and sustain my efforts with at least 3 other senior centers in the Atlanta area. The benefits focused upon seniors and youth in my community. They developed a positive, enthusiastic attitude when they participated in these relationship-building activities. The seniors especially had a more optimistic and purposeful outlook on life and the youth developed social skills that improved their social health.


Through the Girl Scout Program, these Muslim girls represented their MSA by volunteering at their local Senior Center! They participated in various intergenerational activities such as teaching seniors about technology, health/ fitness, and mental wellness

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