Muslim woman are beautiful

Beauty standards are one thing that never go away. And for a Muslim woman, her hijab can be an object of insecurity, unnecessary hate and emotional stress. The hijab is often viewed as something that dims your beauty rather than enhances it. It is associated with many awful things and this can affect a woman’s self-esteem. The hijab should be as something beautiful, not ugly. It should make you feel beautiful, because you look beautiful in it. This opinion isn’t well-adopted in our society, but that might change soon. Nura Afia can help us change it. Nura Afia is a youtube, beauty-blogger. She has recently landed a contract with CoverGirl, a well-known beauty brand. Nura is the first ever hijabi CoverGirl ambassador. She now represents beauty to millions of people all while wrapping a hijab around her head. She stands proud of her Muslim identity and has received positive media.

Nura Afia is truly an inspiration to all Muslim women. To all the Muslim women out there, your hijab isn’t something to be insecure about. It doesn’t make you look ugly but shows your Muslim identity, and you should own that with pride.  Don’t ever let anybody else tell you otherwise.


Finding guidance

Many people think that finding guidance in our imperfect world is very difficult. But the story of Robert Davilla proves otherwise. Robert Davilla is a man who is paralyzed from neck down. He found Allah SWT in his room in a nursing home, in Churchtown, Texas. He was born in a profound Christian family, received weekly visits from a priest but Allah SWT’s guidance reached him. Hear the story of Rober Davilla, a truly inspiring man and how he comes to Islam.